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Shipping and Returns

You have the option to return the product within 14 days of receipt. To do so, follow the steps below.

First check the following:
The packaging and products must not contain any traces of use. We will check this upon return and reserve the right to refuse the return if damage or traces have been left on the products or the packaging is no longer in good condition. We will then return the product to you, where a refund is not possible.
We cannot take back pigments and other sterilized products that have been opened. Only unopened and unused products are eligible for a return and refund. Pigments are not allowed to be returned for safety reasons.
We cannot take back partially opened packages. Only unopened packages are eligible for a return and refund.

1. Sign in
• Send an email to info@laliqa.com and register your return
• Download the return form and fill it in. Cut off the address label and stick it on the box (note: the address label is not a return label).

2. Packing
• Pack the products in their original condition and packaging in a box
• Place the completed return form in the box

3. Send
• Hand in the package at the post office
• Keep the proof of postage well


When do we pay back?
We will transfer the costs incurred by you (purchase costs and original shipping costs) after receipt of your return package, at the latest after 14 days. We use the payment details with which the order has been paid in our webshop.

What do you get back?
When returning the entire order, you will receive the full purchase amount back, including the original paid shipping and payment costs. When returning part of the order, you will receive the costs of the returned product(s) back.

Do you want to exchange an item?
If you ordered the wrong item, you can exchange an item, only the pigments aren’t available for exchange . You can return the wrong item and order the correct item again in our webshop, here again shipping costs will be charged under € 100. Upon receipt of the return shipment, we will deposit the amount of the return product and refund it to the account with which payment was made.

Where do I receive the refunded amount?
We will refund the amount in the same way as you paid.

Costs for returning
The costs for the return shipment are for your own account. Are you returning a product because it is damaged or delivered incorrectly? Please contact us before sending.
Download the return form

Instructions Returns

Make sure that:
• The articles are complete
• The articles are in original and undamaged packaging
• Sealed (sterile) products are unopened. Items in a sealed (sterile) packaging where the seal has been opened cannot be returned.

Useful tips
We try to process your return as quickly as possible. Here are some more helpful tips.
• Make sure you pack the items properly so that they are not damaged during transport.
• To save on waste, you can use the box in which we sent the product to you.
• Make sure the address label is legible.

To steer
Take the package to a post office of your choice. Here you will receive a proof of shipment. Keep this well until the return has been fully processed. This is your proof that the package has actually been sent and can be requested in case of loss during transport.

As soon as the return shipment has been processed by us, you will receive an automatic message about this. Of course we try to do this as soon as possible. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us.

Cancel order or change address
Do you want to cancel your order? Please contact us asap by email (info@laliqa.com). Orders are processed daily, after processing it can no longer be canceled.
Do you want to change the delivery address? Check via track & trace / the shipping courier whether it can still be changed. If in doubt or if it doesn’t work? Then please contact us by phone.

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