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Ash Hybrid Stain


Get your favourite Airbrush Brows Ash Hybrid Stain color. Laliqa Airbrush Brows pigments are high-intensity colors for the skin and hairs. With a simpel application through our airbrush machine, you can create perfect brows for your customer within only 10 minutes! Use our shape stickers to make a clean and sharp shape without any effort.

  • Leave on time 1-2 minutes between each layer
  • 1 x 15 ml, good for up to 50 treatments
  • Only €0.69 cent per treatment
  • Possible to mix with our Hybrid Stains from Laliqa collection
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Good for on top of a Brow Lamination treatment

Made by:

  • Himalayan water
  • Aloe Vera
  • Citrus Oil
  • Rose Water
  • Chamomile



The perfect Ash Hybrid Stain in the color Ash for Airbrush Brows. High-intensity liquid dye for the skin and hairs. The pigments will stay on the skin for up to two weeks and on the hairs 4-6 weeks. Use our Laliqa Airbrush Machine to get the perfect results for Airbrush Brows on your clients. Use our Airbrush Brows Developer product for a long-term result on your clients. 

Three shades of Hybrid Stain

Ash Hybrid Stain 

Ash is perfect for Fitzpatrick 1 and 2. Use in up to three layers maximum to give it more intensity use another layer only on the bottom and tail. Leave 1-2 minutes in between each layer to oxidise the product.

Chestnut Hybrid Stain

Chestnut is perfect for Fitzpatrick 1,2 and 3 for people with dark blonde or medium brown natural hairs. Use in two to three layers with each 1-2 minutes in between to oxidise the product.

Chocolate Hybrid Stain

Chocolate is perfect to use in up to 4 layers for Fitzpatrick 3,4,5 and 6. The more layers you use, the more intense the color becomes. Leave 1-2 minutes in between each layer to oxidise the product.


Step By Step Guide to Achieving Perfect Airbrush Brows with Laliqa Pigments – Ash Hybrid Stain

1. For clients undergoing their first Airbrush Brows treatment, it’s possible to conduct an allergy test at least 24 hours prior, similar to Henna Brows. If there’s no adverse skin reaction within this timeframe, proceed with the dye application confidently. NOTE: our pigments are not similar to a Henna product, our products do NOT contain PPD and an allergic reaction can not occur quickly. However, if you or your client want to know for sure, then please do a patch test.

2. Begin by ensuring the brows are impeccably clean and free from any grease. Use Laliqa’s Skin Prep Lotion to thoroughly cleanse and prep the skin. Cleanliness is key to achieving stunning results. Additionally, ensure the skin is completely dry. A helpful tip is to advise clients to exfoliate their eyebrows at home before the appointment. Smooth skin facilitates better adhesion and prolongs the beauty of Airbrush Brows pigments and treatment.

3. Shape the brows to perfection using wax or threading techniques.

4. Prepare the dye mixture by combining 4 drops of Developer inside 14 drops of Airbrush Brows Pigment. Thoroughly mix the components. Then add this mix into the Airbrush Brows Wireless Machine.

5. For precise line work, especially if additional assistance is needed, consider using Brow Mapping Thread or White Contour Paste prior to applying the Laliqa Hybrid Stain. These tools aid in precise placement of each line. Use our Laliqa Shape Stickers for precision and detailed shape work. Easily applied!

6. Apply the Airbrush Brows Hybrid Stain gradually, ensuring tight lines and complete coverage of both hair and skin. In case of any minor mistakes, don’t panic! Use Laliqa’s Airbrush Brows Remover to easily correct any irregularities.

7. Allow the Hybrid Stain pigment to develop for 1-2 minutes between each layer. For those aiming for a beautiful ombre effect, consider removing the hybrid stain from the roots after just 4-5 minutes and after your last layer, to achieve a seamless color transition.

8. Once the development time is complete, gently remove the hybrid stain from the brows using a damp cotton ball. Our formula remains flexible, making removal effortless and mess-free.

Make sure you follow the Airbrush Brows Online Training. Purchase the online training in:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch


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'REACH Compliant' means that a product complies with the regulations set forth by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) in the European Union (EU). In the context of permanent make-up, it means that the product or ingredient used in pigments has been properly registered with ECHA, and has been determined to be safe for use according to REACH regulations.

All Laliqa permanent make up pigments are produced in the European Union.

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